5 Features to Customize Your Dream Home

Imagine your dream home. What does it look like? What features make it perfect for you? The answer depends on who you are.

For some, their dream home isn’t complete without a wine cellar and state-of-the-art kitchen. Others wish for a customized garage with room for their vintage car collection. Some want traditional architecture, others prefer modern design.

Whichever describes your dream home, putting the elements together takes thought and careful planning. Here are some ideas to customize every area of your home and make it a dream come true.

Outdoor Media Room

You want a space to watch movies on that perfect high definition screen with surround sound. You love the look of an outdoor living area. Why not combine the two? It can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Add retractable screens to block glare on your screens and shield viewers from sun and wind. Use equipment designed for outdoor use and have surround sound configured for your space.

Outdoor Shower

There’s just something about taking a shower in the open air. Your outdoor shower can be as simple as a shower head and plumbing or an elaborate rooftop enclosure. Install a tankless water heater so you have hot water on demand even in the winter.


Skylights let rich sunlight spill into living areas. They’re more energy-efficient than ever before and can help reduce your household’s energy consumption. A venting skylight can be opened to cool the house.

Extra Storage

You can never have too many closets. Design each closet with a purpose in mind. Make walk-in closets in the master bedroom with built-ins and organization systems for your clothes, shoes, and jewelry. Think about sports equipment and school material storage when designing kids’ closets. If you have a hobby, analyze what you use and design your storage space around it.

A Kitchen Island

An island in your kitchen isn’t just more counter space. Use the space underneath to add extra cabinets. If you cook with your children, it’s easy for them to pull up a stool and pitch in. Your island provides extra seating the next time Thanksgiving is at your house. Islands can be made of beautiful materials themselves, and they provide a place for you to display items that complement your décor.

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